KK Fabrics & Creations (Fitted Diaper Velour)

KK Fabrics & Creations (Fitted Diaper Velour)

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This is a daily cloth diaper with adjustable sizes (from about 6-40lbs). It comes with 2 bamboo terry inserts. Fabric: cotton jersey, cotton fleece, bamboo terry


About KKfabricsandcreations

KK fabrics & creations is Croatian brand of modern reusable baby cloth diapers, women cloth pads and other ecofriendly products. Modern cloth diapers are functional and easy to use with adjustable sizes, so baby can wear them till the end of diapering period. They also come in different attractive models and designs. For all of our products we use only natural materials made from the bamboo, cotton and hemp fibres. Fabrics we use are oeko-tex certified so they can go next to the sensitive baby skin. Except modern cloth diapers we also make cloth diaper covers, that come in 3 different sizes, and very popular AI2 diapers, practical one size covers with detachable inserts. In our production you can also find wetbags, washable baby changing mats and for women cloth sanitary pads. Our company is established in 2014. and until then our products are recognized by many satisfied customers. We believe we make a difference with each of our products: for health and also for the environment.

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