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Love., Mears

Apple Scented Vegan French Diapering Cream (Love, Mears Collab)

Apple Scented Vegan French Diapering Cream (Love, Mears Collab)

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Apple Scented Vegan French Diapering Cream (Love, Mears Collab)

Uses: Gently cleanse and moisturize baby’s skin.

Directions: Pump the product in your cloth
wipes to clean baby and leave a
layer to moisturize and protect
babies skin.

Ingredients: calcium hydroxide, distilled water, organic candelilla wax, fragrance oil, and organic extra-virgin olive oil.


Not recommended for babies under 3 months of age.

Exterior Details

Super soft waterproof PUL

Wide back elastic to help improve baby's comfort and reduce the appearance of angry red marks

Wide pocket and crotch width to allow for inserts of all sizes and bulk without bunching

Leg elastics that are gentle on baby's skin, but strong enough to contain the mess

High quality KAM snaps that are easy to manage, but strong enough to withstand most Houdini babies

Center indicator snap to help you find your desired snap arrangement easily.  This snap is also compatible with most snap equipped inserts.

Interior Details

Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) wicks moisture away from baby's skin to help keep baby dry.  The light gray color helps to mask the appearance of staining, keeping your diapers looking their absolute best.

Pul tummy panel to prevent leaks for those adorable tummy sleepers.

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