Anatomy of a Wickham Wild Diaper


Wickham Wild diapers were carefully designed with one thing in mind, to provide the most luxurious diapering experience on the market.  During the design process, we only chose the most premium of materials to ensure that your little one is wrapped in only the best we can offer.  Our diapers feature:

  • A buttery soft PUL that is gentle against the most delicate skin.  Its incredible stretch allows for you to achieve the perfect fit every time.  However, softness doesn't have to equal flimsy.  Our PUL is 2mm thick, offering strong protection against leaks.
  • High quality KAM snaps that are smooth to open and close, yet strong enough to withstand even the most skilled houdini babies.
  • A snap configuration that provides a perfect fit.  Double waist snaps and a high hip snap on both sides help create a snug fit and prevent the wings from lifting out from behind the waist band.
  • Dirty closure snaps to help you contain the mess inside a diaper while on the go.  They can also be used to cinch the waist tighter, helping to achieve a quality fit on even the tiniest babies.
  • 3x4 rise snaps that allow you to adjust sizing as your babies grow, helping you to achieve the perfect fit from infancy through toddlerhood.


The inside of a diaper is just as important as the exterior.  Wickham Wild diapers are made with only the most premium of fabrics, providing a super soft, moisture wicking experience your little one's bottom.  The inside of our diapers feature:

  • A generous tummy panel to help prevent leaks during time or for those sweet belly sleepers.
  • Insanely soft AWJ that you can only feel to believe.  Light grey coloring was chosen to reduce the appearance of staining, while light enough to monitor your baby's output for health reasons.
  • A thick back elastic that is soft enough on baby's skin to reduce the occurrence of angry red marks, yet strong enough to contain the mess and prevent blow outs.
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