A Statement on PFAs

A Statement Regarding PFAs

What are PFAS?

Recently there has been much discussion in the cloth community regarding the use of PFAs in cloth diapers, specifically in the outer waterproof PUL shell.  PFAs, which stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a class of chemicals that have commonly been used in waterproofing materials such as rain coats and non-stick pans.  This makes materials water, stain, and grease resistant.  Commonly known as “forever chemicals,” PFAS are nearly indestructible and take a very long time to break down in the environment and our bodies.  In even small amounts, they can be harmful to our health.  According to the EPA, the biggest threat to human exposure is in our drinking water.  PFAs enter our water supply, when items that are treated with PFAs enter our landfills.

Are PFAs on cloth diapers?

Unfortunately, when cloth diapers contain a waterproof layer like PUL, there is a strong chance that the material contains PFAs.  This has been common practice from most manufacturers and suppliers, especially from products that originate in China.  I often discuss product safety with my manufacturer, and I have requested that they begin to provide a PFA-free PUL option. I am happy to announce that as of October 2023, our manufacturer has begun to offer PFA free PUL.  This material is now proudly used on Wickham Wild products beginning with the upcoming Equinox Collection.

As a current cloth mama myself, I want to ensure that I am providing safe products for both your babies and our environment.  Product certificates have been provided by the manufacturer and are always verified by me.  Since our first collection, Wickham Wild has been committed to following all CPSC regulations.  Despite having a small batch classification which alleviates the requirement for independent testing, we take the extra step to have our products third party tested in the United States.  We are proudly CPSC compliant.  Although there are no federal laws requiring the testing of apparel for PFAs, Wickham Wild will begin adding this test with our upcoming Equinox Collection.  For questions regarding PFAs, please email wickhamwild@gmail.com