How it all started

Hi! I am Stephanie, mama to two beautiful boys, MJ and Michael. I am a city girl at my core, born and raised in Queens, turned country mama, living in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York. I started cloth diapering with my younger son, when disposable diapers became a little difficult to find and increased in price. What started as a necessity, quickly grew into a passion as I became more involved in the cloth diaper community.

Cloth mamas are some of the most supportive humans I have found on my journey of motherhood. I not only learned how to perfect my wash routine and how to layer inserts for better absorption, but also how to preservere when facing hardship, how to stand my ground in my decisions as a mama, and how to truly enjoy every aspect of motherhood (even the dirty diapers).

This is a village that I never want to let go of, so I decided to start my own brand in an effort to contribute to the same community that supported me on my cloth journey, even through the challenges. So I present to you Wickham Wild.